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Little Rock Legal Law Video is a new concept in legal video information. The site is developed by Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. for the purpose of bridging the gap between questions about local law and those who have the experience and knowledge that can best answer those questions locally.

Legal Law Video has searched for attorneys with good experience in each of the practice areas and asked them the most relevant local legal questions they hear most often. On this site they answer those legal issues most commonly asked. We will continue to find attorneys to meet the needs of the local citizens until all of the legal practice areas listed below have an experience attorney representing that practice area. Keep checking back as we will be adding more lawyers. The attorneys will continue to answer legal issues weekly on the Legal Law Video Blog.

Notice: The videos on this site are meant to answer general legal issues. Do not use the information in these videos without first seeking the expertise of your own attorney. Watching these videos or contacting the attorneys in these videos by no means establishes a client attorney relationship. Do not send confidential information through this site to any attorney or to Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc.

Practice Areas Represented on this site

Little Rock Bankruptcy Attorney – The Lawyer for Bankruptcy will answer questions related to Bankruptcy of all kinds whether it be questions about Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 or any other area of Bankruptcy. This attorney will answer questions about debt collectors and your rights.

Little Rock Business Attorney – Whether you are interested in forming a business, selling a business, acquiring a business or if you simply have contractual issues or partnership issues this attorney will answer questions related to those issues.

Arkansas Bad Faith Insurance – The Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer will answer questions about problems you may have with your insurance company. If you feel in anyway treated unfairly by any insurance company you may want to watch these videos and contact the Bad Faith Insurance attorney.

Little Rock Criminal Law Attorney – General – This attorney will answer questions related to all types of criminal law with the exception of DWI or DUI. Whether it be issues related to burglary, murder, breaking and entering, rape, stolen vehicle or any other type of criminal law.

Arkansas Criminal Law Attorney – DUI/DWI – In every city there is usually an attorney that makes their area of expertise about DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence). This attorney will answer questions related to the breathalyzer, what you can say and what you should not say etc. related to driving drunk.

Little Rock Employment Lawyer – The employment lawyer on this site will answer questions related to wrongful termination, harassment in the work place, sexual harassment and many other issues related to employment law.

Little Rock Estate Planning and Probate Attorney – The estate planning lawyer will answer common questions about general estate planning, wills, trust, revocable trust, power of attorney, financial planning and other areas of estate planning.

Arkansas Family Law Attorney – Bonnie Robertson of the Robertson Law Firm is our Little Rock Divorce Lawyer.  The Little Rock Divorce attorney will answer all questions related to divorce, child custody, visitation, fathers rights, mothers rights, grandparents rights and all other family law related issues.

Little Rock Immigration Law Attorney – The immigration attorney will answer questions dealing with work visas, H1B, applications for citizenship and many other areas within the immigration law area of practice.

Little Rock Personal Injury – General – This attorney will answer questions about personal injuries dealing with medical malpractice, work related injuries, construction injuries and others.

Arkansas Personal Injury – Car Accident, Truck Accident, Pedestrian Accident related to any vehicle. Since most cities have an attorney that concentrates on the specific practice of Automobile Accident we have separated this practice area from the General Personal Injury area.

Little Rock Social Security Disability – Most cities have a lawyer who focuses on social security disability. These videos will answer all questions related to the area of social security and disability. In most cases attorneys can assist people applying for SSD or even those who need to re-apply for SSD.

Arkansas Workers Compensation Attorney – These videos will answer the questions about workers compensation and your rights as an individual. What should a company have to pay to insure a work related accident is properly paid for? These questions will all be answered by an experienced workers comp attorney that is familiar with Arkansas law.